Dainese D-Air Misano Perforated Race Suit

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Dainese D-Air Misano Perforated Race Suit

The Dainese D Air Misano racesuit uses the Intelligent Protection System which combines a wireless air bag system with highly evolved microprocessor technology to increase the level of protection available to motorcyclists. Internal sensors and a GPS signal distinguish the factors inherent in an accident and inflates the air bag, adding extra protection to the collarbone area. GPS allows rider telemetry to be downloaded, including lap times, maximum speed and trajectory plotting with instantaneous speed and acceleration via a USB port and downloadable software. All the electronic components are housed within the Misano's speed hump. 

In the event of a violent crash, D-air can trigger in less than 15 milliseconds. When the crash dynamics are less sudden, the sophisticated triggering algorithm assesses conditions and can decide upon a slightly longer triggering time. D-air works in synergy with existing body armor in race leathers, shielding the shoulders and collar bones in the rider's body. D-air reduces the risk of direct helmet impact on the collar bones, limits and reduces helmet movement during rolling. Protection is achieved without compromising the ergonomics and comfort of racing leathers.

Tests carried out in accordance with the current European standards for shoulder armor (EN 1621-1/97) show that D-air protection reduces the force transferred by over 85% compared with traditional composite body armor. D-air is the intelligent airbag-based protection for motorcyclists’ safety on the track.

Special Notes:

The Dainese D-Air Misano suit requires registration with Dainese. Due to the technical nature of the D-Air System Dainese D-Air technology is one of the most advanced motorcycle safety systems ever created. Providing wraparound protection in a fraction of a second prior to impact, a D-Air Air Bag system does not use a lanyard / ripcord like other air bag systems. Instead, it uses a proprietary triggering algorithm and hypersensitive acceleration sensors to create an intelligent, reliable system that deploys only in truly dangerous situations. Compared to the CE Level 2 standard, testing shows 90% less impact force transferred to the rider. , special care and maintenance is required. For example, the suit must be overhauled every 5 years and air bag battery charged every 2 months. If the air bag is deployed, the suit must be sent to Dainese for inspection and to reset the air bag. Owners of the suit are responsible for any costs associated. Please read the User Manual in detail, and let RevZilla know if you have any additional questions.

Electronic System:

  • Triggering algorithm and diagnostics managed by dedicated firmware
  • Three accelerometers
  • Three gyroscopes
  • GPS
  • 4 Gigabyte internal memory
  • LED user interface on right forearm
  • Lithium polymer battery with approximately 8 hours of use when fully charged

Pneumatic System:

  • Dainese-patented 3D structure airbag
  • High-pressure airbag with volume of 4 liters
  • "Cold" technology gas generator

Suit Features:

  • D-Skin 2.0 leather Starting from carefully selected full-grain cowhide leather featuring long intact fibers, Dainese engineered and developed processes to attain new benchmarks in abrasion, traction and tear resistance. Because of its softness and flexibility, D-Skin 2.0 is extremely comfortable while maintaining the same thickness of other cowhide leathers present in the collection. Special treatments with resins and silicon waxes improve the technical features of this excellent leather. , S1 fabric
  • Suit certified to CE Cat II - 89/686/EEC Directive
  • Back protector
  • Composite protectors
  • Pro Shape soft protectors at sides
  • Aluminum inserts on shoulders
  • Titanium This metal vaunts an elevated strength/weight ratio, high resistance to both mechanical stress and corrosion and excellent thermal conductivity. The use of this precious material in protective inserts represents the latest state-of-the-art thanks to its low asphalt friction coefficient that reduces the risks of rider's rolling/getting jammed somewhere during a fall for greater protection. inserts on elbows
  • Bi-axial elastic insert system
  • Microelastic elasticated inserts
  • Double calf zip
  • Suit-to-boot fastening system
  • Aerodynamic spoiler
  • NanoFeel removable sanitized liner

Note: No telemetry downloading software CD is included as indicated by instructions, the software is available for download from 2D-Datarecording.

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