Puig R12 Frame Slider for BMW G 310 R
Puig R12 Frame Slider for BMW G 310 R
Rs. 12,700.00
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Stompgrip Tank Grip for BMW G 310 R - Clear
Stomp Grip Tank Pads make gripping your ride incredibly easy, and therefore requires less energy to hold on to the bike. This reduces fatigue and arm pump with more lower body grip and less upper body stress. On the track,...
Rs. 11,999.00
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Puig R19 Frame Slider for BMW G 310 R
Add protection and safety to your motorcycle with Puig´s R19 Frame sliders.These protectors guarantee integral protection of the chassis and engine of your motorcycle, as well as providing additional protection to your knees with the included rubber endings.The carefully designed...
Rs. 16,800.00
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Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen for BMW G 310 R - Black
Derived from competition, the race design helps diminish the air effect on a rider's helmet. Features: Made of high impact acrylic, giving each screen added strength and flexibility 3mm thickness helps absorb vibration at high speeds, and offers resistance from cracking...
Rs. 20,300.00
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BMC Air Filter for BMW G 310 R
BMC Air Filters are manufactured using a proprietary molding process that yields a truly seamless part. The characteristic red rubber is very pliable and conformable to ensure an airtight seal within your air box. Low viscosity oil saturates multi-layered cotton...
Rs. 10,700.00
Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit for BMW G 310 R
The Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kits feature a precision laser cut stainless bracket that tucks discreetly under the tail section of the bike, as well as premium LED lights. Completing the kit is an anodized aluminum license plate frame which features a...
Rs. 20,500.00
Yoshimura R77 Race Exhaust System for BMW G 310 R
[des] Pre Order Import on Order only Delivery Time 25-30 Days [/des] The Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust System was designed with the needs of the racer in mind. Using the feedback received from the Yoshimura Road Racing Team, their designers came...
Rs. 79,000.00
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Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System for BMW G 310 R
[des] Pre Order Import on Order only Delivery Time 25-30 Days [/des] The Akrapovic Racing Line has been designed specifically for demanding riders and represents an ideal balance between price and performance. The exhaust systems are dramatically lighter compared to...
Rs. 83,000.00
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Puig Rear Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
Puig Rear Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
Rs. 4,800.00
Puig Front Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
Puig Front Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
Rs. 5,300.00
R&G Kickstand Shoe for BMW G 310 R
Kickstand Shoes bolt onto the bottom of the sidestand, to enlarge the original’s footprint by up to 100%, significantly spreading the load placed upon it, to help prevent the stand ‘piercing’ the ground. Despite this enlargement, the Shoe does not...
Rs. 8,800.00
R&G Rear Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
These Swingarm Protectors fit into the rear spindle, looking great and protecting the swingarm. Held in place thanks to the stainless steel connecting bar design means installation is a breeze taking only minutes. They help protect the core, expensive components...
Rs. 8,500.00
R&G Front Fork Protector for BMW G 310 R
Easy to install, they simply install onto either side of the spindle connected by a tie bar helping eliminate damage to the front forks, fork bottoms, disc, fork bottoms and brake calipers from a crash, drop or slide.
Rs. 9,400.00
R&G Carbon Fibre Lever Guard for BMW G 310 R
Originally conceived in Moto2 but now adopted by almost every motorcycle body worldwide (ACU, MSVR, FIM, AMA) and required for racing, the 'Lever Guard' was developed to help avoid the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close wheel...
Rs. 25,600.00
R&G Handlebar Ends for BMW G 310 R
Helping to protect expensive levers and clip ons from damage in the event of a drop, crash or slide. Easy to install they simply screw-in-place of the OE bar ends taking only seconds.
Rs. 7,200.00
R&G Adventure Bars for BMW G 310 R
Dropping your cherished bike can be an expensive exercise. R&G Adventure Bars offer the rider peace of mind. R&G Adventure Bars provide essential crash protection for your motorcycle. Made from 25.4mm gauge steel tubing, powder coated for a strong and...
Rs. 30,100.00
R&G Radiator Guard for BMW G 310 R
Made from pressed aluminium. They improve the looks of your bike as well as help protect your expensive and vulnerable radiator from flying road debris. Installing behind the OE plastic guard, the R&G mesh prevents smaller road debris and stones...
Rs. 13,900.00
R&G Tail Tidy for BMW G 310 R
This R&G Tail Tidy kit includes a replacement injection moulded rear light surround/undertray enabling us to radically change the position of the licence plate (compared to the OE licence plate holder), moving the licence plate much tighter underneath the rear...
Rs. 13,650.00
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