Puig R12 Frame Slider for Suzuki GSX-S750

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Rs. 8,300.00

Provide more resistance and safety to your motorcycle with the R12 Puig motor guards. These protectors guarantee integral protection of the chassis and the engine of your motorcycle, as well as providing additional protection to your knees with the rubber that crowns the piece. 
This is a nylon-designed, neat design that will fit perfectly with the aesthetic line of your motorcycle, respecting the measurements of it, as it does not protrude from the handlebars and touch before the stirrups.

The protector is used with the gray rubber by default, but Puig has a wide variety of colors available to fit the perfection of the image on your motorcycle. In addition to spare parts for gums, Puig also has spare parts for Nylon stoppers.

Keep in mind that each protector is manufactured for a specific motorcycle model.

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