Austin Racing Full Inconel Exhaust System for Kawasaki Ninja H2

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Austin Racing

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GP1 Tips are GP1R angular tip or GP1 round tip.
GP1RR is 70mm bore tip in silver/titanium can or Black/black ceramic can. No db killer available.
GP2R is a 110mm can in titanium or carbon

  • Advanced flow dynamics
  • Massive weight saving
  • The GP1/GP2 uses internal baffling to allow you to control db levels from 102 to 110 plus-LOUD!
  • Carbon option for GP1 is a sleeve over titanium, as such it will last for life!
  • 6 week build time due to this being an exclusive and complex exhaust system!
  • Made from the best materials.
  • Inconel and superchargers/turbos are a perfect match due to it being able to withstand extreme temperatures produced by supercharchers/turbos!
  • For ECU flash the ECU must be out of metal housing when sent to us.
  • Stage 1 ECU Flash + PCV = 240BHP! 102 Ftlbs!
  • Stock H2 system: 8kg
  • AustinRacing Full Inconel system: 3.5kg!
  • 4.5kg Weight reduction!
  • Db killer included (excluding GP1RR & slash cut) 

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